Big breast natural skin color girl sex doll


Doll parameter

Height: 158cm

Eye color: Brown

Skin color: Natural



Feet: standing

Net weight:33kg

Gross weight:40kg

Package size: 143*38*29CM

Material : TPE

*The material is made of safe and non-toxic medical silicone (TPE), which is soft to the touch and feels almost the same as real people.

Sexy Doll Adult Full Body Big Breast Real Sex Dolls For Men

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Standard accessories for stock sex dolls:

1. 2pcs of random wig

2. Gloves

3. Combs

4. Blankets

5. Vaginal cleaners

6. Topical heating rods

7. Random erotic lingerie

About payment:

You can choose the following payment methods to pay, all Pink Aiai payments are 100% safe and discreet.

√ Credit Card

√Bank transfer


About package:

All our sex dolls are in 100% discrete packaging.

The sex doll is housed in a light brown box with no logo.

The courier or handler does not know what is in the box.


About shipping:

Free shipping on all orders.

Shipped out from our Germany warehouse in 48 hours. Fastest 3-6 business days.Shipping is available only in all these Europe countries like Netherlands/Germany/Austria/Belgium/Czech/Republic/Denmark/France/Luxembourg/Spain/Croatia/Italy/Sweden/Finland/Poland/Slovakia/Slovenia/Estonia/Hungary/Latvia/Romania/Bulgaria/Portugal/Ireland/Greece.

Packages can be tracked as soon as they are shipped in 48 hours.


About after sale service

In case of before receiving the goods:

1. If you apply for interception without any reason on the way, (the customer needs to bear the interception fee and the return shipping fee (the same as the shipping fee)

2. Reject the package for no reason, (the customer needs to bear the return shipping cost, or the customer sends it back by himself, and does not accept the payment on delivery)

3. If the package is lost, (you need to provide a full screenshot of the order in English on the platform (some screenshots are invalid), you need to see the customer’s delivery address, tracking number, and value. After we apply for a claim, a full refund or reissue is available)

4. If the package needs to change the address in transit, (the customer needs to bear the operation cost of changing the address)


After receiving the goods:

1. If the packaging and product are damaged, you need to provide the photo of the outer box, the photo of the label of the outer box, and the photo of the damaged product (compensation will be given according to the degree of damage. If the product is damaged and cannot be used, it can be reissued to the customer for free or a full refund)

2. The dolls in the overseas warehouses are made of TPE material. The facial makeup is painted on and will be wiped off. The makeup will fall off during the customer’s use, which is not a quality problem.

3. The overseas warehouses are all ordinary skeletons. The skeletons cannot be broken. The posture that normal people can do is the limit. You can refer to the manual.

4. The product quality problem needs to be reported within 7 days of receipt, otherwise it will not be dealt with

5. Due to the serious epidemic situation, private health products do not accept unreasonable returns or exchanges. If there are quality problems, only reissue or compensation will be given.


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