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No orgasm? Use your fingers

Every time I write sex tips, I always emphasize to everyone. Foreplay, foreplay, and then foreplay first. I have taught you a lot of skills and methods, and also recommended has a lot of sex toys like rose vibrator. But when I was chatting with female fans privately, I found out: Girls still like real finger and tongue.

Last time we said that penetration is not the purpose of sex. We still have ten fingers and a tongue. The correct use of finger massage can help your lover enjoy the organism more quickly. However, the male is often the one being served but few men take the initiative to serve the female partner. So how should men take the initiative to serve women?

Step 1 A beautiful finger

When you give your dear partner a massage, the first point of preparation is cleanliness. Because this is a problem that many men tend to ignore. Imagine that when your girlfriend touches you with affection and says “I am a hand-controlled”. You stretch out a pair of sharp hands with dirt in the nails.100% of her will instantly drop her head: “No I’m sorry, I still have something urgent to do. I got to go. In most cases, there are many bacteria in the hands, especially in the nails. Keeping hands clean and hygienic is a prerequisite for pleasure. The other is to trim the nails. Girls are delicate and fragile. Long nails are easy to scratch and hurt each other. To what extent should it be trimmed? Just expose the nail bed. Don’t forget to cut off the barbs and polish the calluses.If you really don’t know how to cut your nails, you can also bring your nail clippers and let her trim you to the extent she likes.

Step 2 Use your fingertips instead of your fingertips.

Some fans told me that I have cut my nails, but when I massage with my hands, she will always cry out pain. Said that he always pinched her. Then they had to give up after a few times. In fact, this is also a problem that many junior players may encounter. Leaving aside other operating techniques, the basic massage technique is wrong! Because they are not touching their own body, many boys will use their fingertips for granted. Fingertips, fingertips, the reason why they are called “tips”, must be the sharpest part of their hands. How can they be used to touch girls’ private parts ? The correct technique should be finger belly!

Step 3 Light, heavy, slow, and urgent

Massage is a process of alternating from light to heavy, alternating with priority. Don’t increase your hand speed suddenly! When you come up, you will work hard, which is unacceptable to most girls, and you will get rid of the pain after a while. Like the boys’ little brothers, the girls’ little sisters will be cheered up~ You have to wait patiently for this “warm-up” process. No one will feel comfortable by performing strong stimulation before “Hi”. Therefore, when starting finger massage, it is necessary to provide a process of “from light to heavy” and touch it gently. Slow down, be cautious, and be gentle; while massaging, you can ask her: “Is this comfortable? Do I need to hurry up? Where do you like the most?” Thoughtful men are more likely to make girls orgasm.

Step 4 Lightly draw, slowly twist and pick

There is really nothing to say about the technique, just one sentence: Lightly draw, slowly twist and pick. Don’t just use one hand, the mouth or the other hand can be used. Kissing, touching, etc. It depends on your method. After the sister is fully aroused, keep the same frequency; observe the female’s reaction, and then use a little more force to do Circular Motion. Remember to use your fingertips, control your strength, and do multiple points at the same time. Under normal circumstances, a girl’s body is tight and straight, and it is almost in place; don’t stop at this time, just increase the focus and frequency, and directly send her to the top… Remind everyone: the very taboo method is mechanical. back and forth! A “weapon” with such a flexible finger can do a lot of actions that dildo can’t complete, such as bending, precise tapping, buckling, etc.; don’t waste so many functions.

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