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How do girls control the length of their boyfriend’s sex?

Two days ago, my sister complained to me. My husband’s time is erratic. Sometimes “the golden gun doesn’t fall”, sometimes it’s less than 10s.

Sometimes she is coming soon, and her husband is over. Sometimes it’s enough, but her husband turns into a small motor…

The length of men’s time is erratic, but it is really a headache for our women! Is there any way for a woman to control the length of time? Of course there is! All girls~ After learning today’s content, you can become the queen of the bed!

Can the ejaculation time really be controlled?

Only by knowing the enemy and confidant can you survive a hundred battles. First of all, we have to figure out what factors affect the “duration” of men.
1. Excitement

Do you remember what we said? The brain is the most important “sexual organ” of human beings. The length of one-time life is related to the excitement accumulated in the male brain beforehand. I don’t know if you have a similar experience: long-distance love reunion is easier than meeting each other every day. This is because men were too excited beforehand (too hungry), and the basic excitement was too high, so the phenomenon of second shots appeared.

2. Threshold

When you are young, you can see the faint shoulder straps under the shirt of the goddess. When you become an old driver, you can turn a blind eye to your girlfriend sitting on your lap. This is the impact of low and high thresholds on male sexual response. If you have a boyfriend who loves you very much, and he happens to be a young boy; your sultry eyes may make him unable to control “disarm”.”I don’t want to shoot early, but her eyes are blurred and call me baby~”——The voice of a male fan
In addition, it is also related to the degree of male self-promotion.If a boy habitually stimulates his brother with high intensity, the threshold will be higher.It is not easy to shoot in the face of the intensity of sex. However, it is not recommended for men to abuse their Broher to extend the time.

3. External stimuli

Temperature, smell, color, and sound will all affect the time of intercourse; when the brain receives these sexual stimulus signals, it will respond.When the stimulus accumulates to a certain level, the ejaculation valve will open. Visual stimulation: sex toys,Lingerie, seductive carcass, auditory stimulation: provocative speech, depressive and slutty moaning olfactory stimulation: aroma on women, taste that stimulates male sexual desire Tactile stimulation: slippery skin touch, feel of rubbing private parts.

How do girls control the duration of him?

If you want him to be slower

1. Turn down the temperature a little bit~

Studies have shown that the higher the temperature, the faster the male release rate; you can lower both the indoor temperature and the tintin temperature a bit. Recommended props: ice cubes.

2. Slow down first, then move faster~

From the beginning, he slowed down the rhythm and adjusted his speed while observing his reaction; if his expression is excited and his breathing is heavier, he can slow down appropriately and build up his Tolerance value.When he becomes calmer, gradually increase the stimulation; repeat with this to increase his endurance.

3. Actively change posture~

If a man wants to fight for a long time without shooting, a woman needs to be a “sensible” little wild cat. If you notice that he is tired, you can change to a posture that allows him to rest, such as female up; you can also switch between high and low intensity by changing the posture, allowing him to hold on for longer.

4. Buy him a bottle of Namel~
Let me introduce you~ Save worry and effort. You all know how to reach the stomach in one step.

If you want him to be faster:

1. Suppress your appetite, give him a hard time~

Don’t be soft, give me all my best! Start to seduce him before you start, so that he is fascinated by you; hint him in the morning, send him photos/messages in the morning, let him think of you all day; take a few photos of yourself wearing erotic underwear in the afternoon , Let him choose one; what he wears at night is one he hasn’t seen before~ He has been so shocked by your appetite for a long time~

2. Be vigorous and pinch him~

Women want men to finish things earlier, in addition to external stimulation, they also need internal “squeeze”. Choose the closest posture (such as a missionary, sitting face-to-face). While he is exercising, the girl uses her pelvic floor muscles to force and contract rhythmically; he will definitely bite your earlobe “violently”, Said you are a life-death goblin.

3. Change the skin and stimulate him~

Men play games, and they can’t refuse the heroine’s new skin. What is the Christmas limitation and return… The original skin becomes a habit and no longer irritates after playing too much; therefore, the new skin should be added on the whole point.” Feel”. According to this idea, girls can also change their “skins” frequently, use sex vibrator for couples wear sexy underwear of various colors, and perform Cosplay~ Make sure to let him go early: “My dear, I really don’t have a drop…”

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